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Right Now, Open Registration for New Students and Transfer Students Indonesia Area
posted date:2021/04/30

Ready to begin your homeschooling journey?
Sinergia Worldwide Education is a flexible and reputable homeschooling with affordable tuition, caring and professional tutors.
We are excited to announce that Sinergia Worldwide Education open Registration for New Students and Transfer for Academic Year 2020-2021.
We design to make everyone can access and afford an internationally recognized education.
There are our available programs:
Online Homeschooling: student learn at home with our tutors with flexible time using online meeting platforms (Zoom, Google meet, Google Classroom, Skype, Webex, etc)

We are open for Grade:
1. Primary & Secondary (Grade 1-8)
2. O Level/IGCSE (Grade 9-10)
3. AS & A Level (Grade 11-12)

We have several curriculums including:
1. Cambridge UK (International Program)
2. K-13 (National Program)
3. Mixed curriculums (The combined curriculum between Cambridge UK curriculum and National K-13 curriculum, can be adjusted regarding on students needs)

Our programme is aimed to give flexibility, valuable insight, develop both academic and powerful life skills needed in this 21st century with our learning methods:
a. International/National certification
b. Practical and experiential learning
c. Arrange schedules as needed (3-4 times a week)
d. Extracurricular: Art and Drilling math
e. Communicative and suitable methods for each student
f. Life Skill (Gardening, cooking, cleaning, etc)
g. Study groups with tutor to Improve Skill (Discuss, critical thinking, debate)

For more information, please visit our cente or give us a call at:
Sinergia Jakarta
STC Senayan 2nd Floor No.51-54
Jl.Asia Afrika Pintu Gelora IX, Jakarta, 10270
Phone : 021-57931911
Mobile : 0822-6041-8532/0812-8769-3029

Also visit our social media:
Facebook : Sinergia Education/ Sinergia Internasional Surabaya
Email : /
Twitter : @sinergiajkt @sinergiasby
Line : @sinergiaeducation
IG : @sinergiaeducation @sinergiasurabaya

Head over to our website to get more information and do not hesitate if you have any inquiries by join our web live chat on:
Website :

Space are limited. We are looking forward to hearing from you!
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